Wilian Pereira

Brazilian, 23, single.

e-mail: oboi@bol.com.br








SEBRAE – “Desafio SEBRAE 2002”

Business Simulation Game. Duration: June/02 – Dec/02.

* Enrolled at this realistic competition between over 10.000 teams of Brazilian undergraduate students with and expected number of subscriptions of over 45.000 students. The game aims at stimulating an entrepreneur spirit amongst students so they can practice what they learnt during graduation and improve organizational and corporative abilities. Although the course is mainly focused on teaching management and marketing, its contents are also precious for managing all kinds of institution (whether private, public, NGO, educational, corporative, etc.).


UNICAMP - State University of Campinas – Campinas-SP - Brazil

Major in Philosophy. 1998 - Graduation date: Dec/2002.

* Besides the regular contents of the course - political philosophy, philosophy of law, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, logic, etc. -, areas like photography, foreign languages, linguistics, press resources (web designing, interviews, video production and publishing) have also been developed and used in personal, academic and professional projects.


Sigma Educational Centre – Brasilia-DF – Brazil

High School – Modality: Scientific Preparation (for University Entrance Examinations). 1995 - 1997

* Subjects included philosophy and seminars about art and contemporary geopolitics. This school is well known in Brasilia for its excellence and for the high level of competitivity, competence and academic excellence of their students.


Alliance Française – Campinas-SP - Brazil

French Course. Feb/99 – Nov/99

Diploma: Basic Module Course – Nov/99.


CIL – Interschool Language Centre – Sobradinho-DF – Brazil

English Course – 1994 – 1997

Diploma: Certificate of Proficiency in English (696 hours)


Disney University (DU) – Lake Buena Vista–FL - USA

Business Seminars. May/00 – August/00.

* Total of seven seminars about the everyday planning and managing of big companies and organizations. Topics included: “Improving Leadership Skills”, “How to prepare a résumé”, “Guest Service and Excellence” etc. Diploma: “Ducktorate” - Certificate of Conclusion (Filed at DU’s Office)


Zangá CineMakers – Campinas-SP – Brazil

Writing Cinema and Video Screenplays: Improving Skills. June/02 – 08 hours.

* How to prepare not only screenplays and scripts for audiovisual projects but also some guidelines on how to speed productivity and manage low budgets by directly interfering in cast and crew organization and production. Certificate of Participation.


In Touch – Arts and Communication Center – Campinas-SP – Brazil

Workshops: “Using Video in ESL Classes”, “How to evaluate”, “Dealing with slow learners”, “Teaching the IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet” and “What is the Communicative Approach”. From Apr/01 – June/02. Average of 03 hours each. Total: 12 hours.

* Seminars designed to improve quality among their staff and teachers, focusing on professional training and education as a way of updating both methodology and general guidelines in order to be more efficient, fast and productive as a teacher. Certificates may be requested.


Braz-TESOL – “8th National Convention” – Florianópolis-SC – Brazil

July 15-18, 2002. Presenter: “Video In the Classroom: being Friends with this media”.


TESOL – “4th Southern Cone TESOL Convention” – Curitiba-PR – Brazil

July 12-15, 2001. Certificate of Participation.





“Philosophy and Literature”

IX National Meeting of the ANPOF – National Association of Post Graduation in Philosophy.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jeanne Marie de Bons

8 hours                  Oct/00


“Cinema screenplay”

I FEIA - Institute of Arts - IA/UNICAMP

Coordinator: José Roberto Torero

8 hours                  Oct/00


“Before the image”

Department of Multimedia - IA/UNICAMP

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Phillipe Dubois (Sorbonne)

15 hours                 Nov/00

“Introduction to Translation Studies”

Institute of Language Studies – IEL – UNICAMP

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Paulo Ottoni

60 hours             Aug - Dec/00



“English-Portuguese Translation”

Institute of Language Studies – IEL – UNICAMP

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Joanne Mecafrey B. Netto

60 hours             Aug - Dec /00


“Foucault-Deleuze Colloquium”

Institute of Philosophy and Humanities – IFCH – UNICAMP. (Organization)

20 hours             Nov/00





In Touch – Centro de Comunicação e Artes                                           Campinas-SP – Brazil

English Teacher (ESL – English as a Second Language)                       04/01 – present

w        Currently teaching ESL from young teenagers to mature adults (12 to 54 years of age), using the Communicative Approach methodology. Responsibilities include preparing classes, correcting workbooks and evaluations, handling multimedia equipment and attending workshops. As a teacher I attended the Braz-TESOL Convention and based on the knowledge  acquired, I ministered a teacher-oriented workshop on “A new way of using songs in the ESL classroom”, a well-regarded project by both teachers and direction and immediately implemented.


Petrobrás/CineBR em Movimento                                        Unicamp – Brazil

Cultural Promoter                                                                         04/00 – 08/00

w        Promoted public presentations of the recent Brazilian cinema production (past 1995) for the general public in squares, schools, jails and universities, aiming at providing culture, fun and information for Brazilians. Part-time trainee position. Responsibilities included: scheduling sessions; theater reservations or equipment renting (when necessary); search for potential sponsors; videotape reception, caring and presentation; distribution of the program’s Quality Evaluation handouts and submission of results to the project main office at Rio de Janeiro. I was also responsible for marketing and divulgation of all sessions, having myself used all media kinds to reach the target public: posters, strips of paper, internet sites, newspapers, personal invitations, university radio station announcements and phone calls.


Walt Disney World Intern – Disney MGM Studios                   Lake Buena Vista, FL - USA

Custodial Services                                                                                             05/00 – 08/00

w        Delivered daily guest service in Fortune 100 company. Created and maintained positive visual enhancements while providing exceptional guest service in a high-traffic area with over 60 thousand guests per week while averaging a Guest Satisfaction Excellence of 92%.

w        Besides custodial, worked also in attractions and merchandise areas. The former duty included patrimony conservation, crowd-controlling abilities and rapid problem-solving skills to ensure guest satisfaction, safety and “show business”. Merchandise responsibilities while working at “Package Pick-UP” and “Lost and Found” included efficiency, guest-satisfaction-directed organizational skills, computer problem-solving and operation skills, integrity and honesty. Communication skills in English, Spanish and French were also required and much developed.

w        Participant of the WDW College Program, attended to Business Seminars at Disney University. Graduated with a “Ducktorate” (doctorate equivalent) due to outstanding interest and performance, having been the only one out of 700 South American participants in the Summer’ 2000 Program to obtain the title. Twice awarded with "Guest Fanatic" card due to outstanding guest services.


Clinic of English                                                                          Campinas, SP - Brazil

ESL Teacher                                                                                       07/99 - 11/99

w        Taught English as a second language to all levels, basic to advanced, in a small-sized company with high Cast Excellence Level. Classes were either individual or in groups of two or three people. Adult students, occupying management positions at companies such as Gessy Lever, TetraPak, 3M, etc.


Pegasus Idiomas                                                                         Campinas, SP - Brazil

ESL Teacher                                                                                       01/99 - 06/99

w        Dealt with teenage and adult small and medium-sized groups (maximum 20 people), mostly teaching to intermediate and pre-intermediate level students. Teaching experiences were exchanged during weekly pedagogical “track-talks”, which were also a device for having teachers and method constantly recycled and adapted to the needs and expectations of students, school and teachers.


Job Company                                                                       Campinas, SP - Brazil

ESL Teacher                                                                                       09/98 - 11/98

w        Having finished exhausting training on their particular mnemonic method, tried to suggest some modifications on it, considering it seemed rather ineffective. As a beginner teacher, I didn’t have much to say though. This surely contributed towards my searching for a new and more efficient method and for since then trying to identify general rules and structures of the language so as to make its study easier, faster and more permanent.






Monographic Essay: “Seneca’s Edipus and Sofocle’s Oedipus Rex: tradition, translation, intertextuality”. Presented in June/02. Tutors: Prof. Dr. Paulo Sérgio Vasconcelos (PhD, IEL, Unicamp) and Lucas Angioni (PhD, IFCH, Unicamp). Final Grade: 90%.


Independent researches:

- Astronomy and History of Mathematics. Status: Beginner.

- History of Photography and Cinema (Classical to Digital). Status: Advanced.

- History of Western Music (Classical and 20th Century). Status: High Intermediate.

- Free Software and Linux: self-taught Linux user (Conectiva/Red Hat distribution). Status: Intermediate.

- Third Sector and NGOs: NGO legislation in Brazil, articles and web sites on the subject. Elaboration of personal projects for NGOs, Associations and non-profit-oriented organizations, like the “Association for Reciprocal Teaching” (still being projected). This research is especially important if considered both the amount of information to be learned and the complexity not only of NGOs but also of the interaction between third and first or second sectors and between NGOs and the Government. Status: Beginner.





- “Rede Globo’s ‘Big Brother’”. Essay/Chronicle. 04/02: Revista Caros Amigos Online: Coluna do Leitor and 05/04: “Student Newlsletter”. Urbanism Student Department. University of Brasilia – UnB.

- “It’s Fantastic!”. Chronicle. 03/02. Revista Caros Amigos Online: Coluna do Leitor.

- Two philosophically oriented novels, not yet published (Discurso Vazio – 2001, 88p; and Tato – 2002, 50p), besides a number of independent essays, poems and chronicles.





w        Chief-editor and publisher of the "o boi – magazine of the philosophy students from unicamp". Developed networking and group skills while sharing duties among editors and solving bureaucratic impairments for publication and distribution.

w        Webmaster of the ".delenda.omnia." Internet site since Dec/99 (cf. http://delenda.tripod.com)

w        Promoted the “Week of Lectures on Philosophy at Unicamp” (2nd, 3rd and 4th editions: Campinas-SP, Oct/98, Oct/99, Nov/00), responsible for organizing and scheduling presentations, receiving lecturers and auditors and ensuring quality and punctuality throughout the event.

w        Been offered a six-month scholarship at SUNY - State University of New York at Albany-NY for the Fall Term 1999-2000 through selection and academic agreement with State University of Campinas - Brazil. Couldn’t attend due to financial problems.

w        Passed the university entrance examination (1997) for the Journalism and Communication course at University of Brasilia - UnB - in a hard and highly competitive environment. Quit in order to take Philosophy at Unicamp.

w        Worked as duty auxiliary secretary at “IX National Meeting of the ANPOF - National Association for Post Graduation in Philosophy” (Poços de Caldas-MG, Brazil, Oct/00). Maintained constant communication among teachers, students, guests and general office, besides having been responsible for adequate preparation of classrooms and auditorii, and for airport-hotel transportation of more than 150 professors and researchers from all over the country.





- Knowledge of foreign languages: English (proficient), French (communicative and reading skills), Latin (translating/reading skills), Esperanto (beginner), Italian (considerable reading skills) and Spanish (advanced reading skills, intermediate speaking skills).


- Computer utilization: PC-based hardware structure and maintenance; Windows OS; text, image, layout, sound and html editors; Linux/Unix software user and basic programmer.


 - Entrepreneurship and ability to elaborate complex projects and schedules and to coordinate individual task assignments, group work and project implementations.





- CAFIL – Academic Representation of the Students of Philosophy. Unicamp – Campinas-SP – Brazil. Position: Press Department (Magazine Editor). 06/99 – 11/00.