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Manuscript and glasses of Machado de Assis, major Brazilian writer.

The Portuguese Language
The text briefly describes the history of the language, from its origins to nowadays. It also provides maps and information about Portuguese-speaking countries. Some of the page is not in English, which may already be used as material of study. Links include other sources and pages with Portuguese texts in an English site.

Brazilian Portuguese Language
Brazilian Portuguese differs in many ways from that of Portugal (just like English and American English may differ from each other). This site in Finland offers on-line grammar (w/ brief explanations on word categories and usage) and some useful tips about language use: how to say the time, describing things, human body vocabulary, etc.). This site is highly recommended if you want to take a look at Portuguese grammar.

Portuguese-Portuguese Dictionary
Includes more than 95,000 entries and cojungation of more than 13,000 verbs. You can use it even if your keyboard is not set for Brazilian signs and accents (e.g.: , , , , etc.). Integrates on-line spell check and correction and makes it possible to include the dictionary in any page.